Our mission

Cyrve specializes in migrating your data into Drupal. We've migrated from MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Wordpress, Moveable Type, NITF, flat HTML files, and on and on. This is painstaking work, with emphasis on pain. Just hand us your source data and destination database and we'll move it for you. Contact us or Take a Tour.

Recent Clients

A brief review of our recent projects ...

The World Economic Forum hired Cyrve to migrate its intranet/collaboration site from Microsft SQL Server to Drupal. With its Davos 2011 conference quickly approaching, Cyrve and Acquia delivered a faithful data migration and intranet platform on time and on budget.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. (“MSLO”) is a media company based in the USA. MSLO hired Cyrve to migrate large portions of its digital recipe and magazine data into Drupal. The data came from various XML feeds, databases, and a Vignette/Oracle CMS. The Migrate module now has robust support for XML-based data sources as a result of this work.


Harper Collins. is a major media publisher based in the New York City. Harper hired Cyrve to migrate a 10 year old treasure chest full of poems and essays written by mostly by teens. The data came from a custom application running on top of an MS SQL database. This project led to migrate module integrating well with flag and organic groups modules.

Examiner.com is a giant online news site. It publishes news in 240 cities and thousands of specialty topics. Examiner.com hired Cyrve to migrate this giant data set from several MSSQL databases to Drupal. The data set includes 2 million images. Acquia wrote a case study about this project. This project was our first Drupal 7 site, and we loved it.


KAYAK is a fantastically useful travel search web site. You really should try it if you never used it. KAYAK hired Cyrve to enhance its migrate module so that it can update existing content on a periodic basis. Kayak is using Drupal behind the scenes as a data repository for a lot of its restaurant, hotel, and other data.


Human Capital Institute (HCI) is the global association for talent management, and a clearinghouse for best practices and ideas. Cyrve migrated their large library of articles, links, and attached files from a legacy CMS to Drupal. On launch day, the (heavily rehearsed) data migration worked flawlessly.


The Economist barely needs an introduction. They sell over a million copies of their fine newspaper every week. Cyrve was hired to migrate this site into Drupal6 from a custom CMS backed by Oracle. The data set is gigantic - over 3 million registered users and over 100,000 stories. In addition we migrated several hundreds of thousands of free tag taxonomy terms. We posted a showcase article detailing our code and process for this project. Cyrve is also architecting the Drupal site while development is largely done in house.


Genomeweb informs the scientists and executives who use and develop tools in molecular biology research. See our case study on drupal.org. Cyrve was hired to migrate this site into Drupal6 from a custom CMS backed by MS SQL Server. Cyrve migrated 35,000 articles along with many thousands of users each of whom had 100+ demographic fields. The Genomeweb project spawned Cyrve's open source migrate module, which now powers all of our migrations.


The Cancer Survivors Network is a wildly popular web site for all the heroes who are fighting cancer and those who survived the battle. Cyrve was hired to migrate this site from a custom Postgres CMS into Drupal. Cyrve overcame challenges related to attached files (stored as BLOBs within the ancient Postgres DB), pseudo XML storage of fields within the database, and unusual character encoding of the posts. Detailed user profile data was also migrated.


Cyrve migrated various applications into the award winning Drupal site now found at observer.com. Several Wordpress blogs were migrated, along with a legacy CMS. The CCK data model that we migrated into featured many node node reference fields (authors, issues, articles, images, etc,) so order of migration became quite important. Read our project roundup at drupal.org