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Cyrve acquired by Acquia

By moshe weitzman - Posted on 01 August 2011

Today, I'd like to share some big news. Mike Ryan and I have joined Acquia. Acquia is building a new migration practice within its Professional Services team. Acquia thought we'd be great people to kick-start that effort, and I agree! Look for exciting news from Acquia about data migration in the near future.

I announced Cyrve's birth during Drupalcon Boston, 3.5 years ago. Since then, Cyrve has migrated some of the highest profile web properties to Drupal. We migrated over 3 million user accounts to (case study) from Cold Fusion and Oracle into Drupal. We migrated millions of comments and millions of images from a custom MSSQL database into Drupal 7's first big site, (case study). We migrated from Vignette using Web Services.

Over the years, Cyrve has kept on building and improving the Migrate module. Migrate is Cyrve's methodology and toolkit for pulling data from many different sources and importing quickly and accurately into Drupal. Its highwater and update-in-place features keep content synced between live sources and the not-yet-live Drupal site. Migrate has established itself as the solution for importing into Drupal.

Mike and I have always embraced Drupal's open source ethos. Migrate module is free and open source, and always will be. Migrate is available for any organization to use, and many of you are doing just that. Thanks for bringing your sites to Drupal! Mike Ryan will continue to actively maintain migrate module.

I have joined the Office of the CTO at Acquia as Director, Research and Development. This reads like a dream job to me. I’ll focus less on data migration, and more on researching and prototyping new products and features for Drupal and Acquia. I’ll be writing reports about ‘Drupal and Mobile’, and publishing research about commercial CMS systems. I report to Dries and work alongside Angie Byron (webchick). I'll continue to hack on Drupal core and maintain my contrib projects, drush and devel.

I've thoroughly enjoyed building Cyrve over the past three years. Cyrve's revenue and reputation have steadily risen over the years. Lots of its success is due to the awesome platform that the Drupal community is building. The same holds true for Acquia. Acquia's success depends on the success of Drupal as a whole. This alignment of goals was one more smart idea by Dries and Jay when founding the company.

The Drupal ecosystem is thriving these days. I encourage all the Drupalpreneurs out there to scratch your own niche. It worked for me, and it can work for you too.


Moshe and Mike; congratulations guys! I for one appreciated your good work with the migrate modules. More power to you guys.

Congratulations, Moshe!

And of course: thanks for your significant contributions to making Drupal as powerful and successful as it is today!

All the best,

Congratulations! This is a huge win for the entire community.

That's great news, Mosha and Mike.

Cyrve really has been a great module for small Drupal shops. And it's really exciting to think about the future contributions that you'll be able to make as part of Acquia.


Sounds like a great fit. :)

That's great news, goodluck in your new job. I have always liked how you encouraged others to persue their niche and allowed many people to move to Drupal.

Congratulations, Moshe. I strongly believe Acquia will become much better for having you in this role.

Sounds great for you both and Drupal.

keep on rockin' :-) !

I'll continue to hack on Drupal core

That being said, congratulations. This is another major step for Drupal!

It looks like Acquia is acquiring all the big heads in the Drupal community. You're definitely amongst them !

Congratulations guys! This is a fantastic win for both companies.

Congratulations! Wow, what a great opportunity, and a benefit for all of us!

Wow, how awesome! Congrats to you guys.

Happy for you!

Congrats Moshe, I'm happy to hear about the new position for you and Mike. I'm sure you'll be able to do a lot more for the community as part of Acquia's growing stable of Drupalistas.

Congrats Moshe :) its great news!