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Drupal 7 critical issues - how to conqueur the beast

By moshe weitzman - Posted on 21 February 2010

As many know, Drupal 7 will be released once all its critical issues are resolved (currently 150).

I propose that we ask the the folks listed in MAINTAINERS.txt to more actively work down the issues in their respective components. Further, we start holding weekly IRC meetings with these maintainers. In these meetings, hear progress reports and discuss sticky cross-component issues. Transcripts from these meetings would be publicly accessible. I'm OK with ditching the meeting and just doing public progress reports if folks prefer that.

The criticals queue has been culled already. The 150 remaining issues are real, and non trivial. Bazaar like good-will won't get us to the finish line in a timely manner IMO. Just a dash of professionalism will really help here.

If you think you belong in this meeting but aren't in MAINTAINERS.txt, then submit a patch that adds yourself to MAINTAINERS.

Naturally, we need to do some pre-work in order to map MAINTAINERS to issue queue components.

webchick is managing the Drupal 7 release. I've offered myself as a facilitator for this piece of the process should she be interested.

Lastly, I'd like to congratulate all the #D7CX module/theme maintainers. Check out the stunning number of D7 releases!


I would find that helpful in working out how best to contribute, where best to pitch in. I also think we musn't forget the normal issues in due course. Getting rid of all the critical issues may be the criterion for a release but it only really brings a beta quality product.

I've been keeping an eye since November 2009 on the Drupal 7 critical bugs and other metrics and showing that as a graph is anyone is interested.

I followed Moshe's link to critical issues, then select 6.x instead of 7.x and the 6.x list is just actually longer!

So... time to start new projects on 7.x???