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Drupal 7 Release Party - Epilogue

By moshe weitzman - Posted on 14 January 2011

Lets talk more about that gigantic global party - #D7RP. On one day, January 7, Drupalers threw 326 parties in 96 countries. These were real world parties - in meatspace. They featured young and old humans, eating and drinking and dancing. In many ways, this was our finest moment as a Drupal community. I just love how we celebrated separately, yet together. That's how we roll.

I'd like to recognize as a silent enabler for this wonderful accomplishment. There are 810 regional groups on Have you seen how busy our Event Calendar is?. Every weeknight, there are meetups in multiple cities. Thats where much of the Drupal teaching and learning happens. Screw Facebook Connect, this is Drupal Connect. I started in early 2006. I think it is coming along nicely, no? was not in scope for the recent redesign. It's age is showing a bit. I hope someone can give it some focused attention soon. Your ideas are welcome in the Maintenance group.

And while we are reminiscing, lets remember that Drupal 1.0 was released on January 15, 2001. Happy 10th birthday, old friend. Don't fret, we'll celebrate in Chicago.


You are right those parties were pretty amazing and even the most cynical of observers had to admit it is pretty cool. Getting across just how much value the Drupal community has for Drupal as a software system is also one of the things that is hardest to explain - especially those that are always suspicious of anything that sounds to cult-like (which Drupal is clearly not) or too time-consuming (can be but doesn't have to be). We absolutely should do more with to illustrate this (and by we I mean that for starters *I* should see how *I* can help).