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Close out all criticals by end of Copenhagen

By moshe weitzman - Posted on 18 August 2010

We are close, folks.

It will take a monumental effort, but I think we can close all critical D7 issues by end of Drupalcon Copenhagen.

We sprinted in Boston all day yesterday and managed to close 5 criticals, and make good progress on 5-8 more. It was exhausting and exhilirating work. It required concession and cooperation from everyone involved.

And thats mainly what we need now. We need folks to Get Real, Get Dirty, and Give up (on perfection). We are in the 'least of all evils' stage. Easy resolutions are unavailable. All software ships with bugs, and sometimes serious ones.

It has been 2.5 years since Drupal 6. Time to push this baby out.


Thats the Spirit, Time to cut down the gestation period for this Drupal baby and Induce Labour! Literally!

Well said!
We are all Bug's!!!
It's a grate thing you are doing for so much.
For me Drupal is much more then incoming, it's a state of being.

Thank you all for the hard working,
Love from Israel...

CPH is an awesome goal. I'll try to squeeze some more time hacking on the train during my daily commute. :-)

I have a contrary idea as well - if you are new to core development and the critical queue scares you, there are many, many issues in "major" and "normal" priority that need love too, and are more approachable. Likewise if you're mentoring sprinters - if someone wants to tackle a hard issue, by all means encourage them! And if not, let's help people crack those novice issues too.

I know that drupal 617, n 2 release 618 n 619 have full of perfection with old style.
When 618 n 619 came out.. I hope D7 will release soon.

So I change and back up all data, not all release for public.
Comment close, register close, api close, stream wrapper.. Default.
And make D6 became D7 alpha 6 as Live Site.

Till waiting Stable Version, I feel amaze with D7 appearance.. Make WP look 5 years Ago.
I'm not developer and expert with code. Bless you All to get all bug.
And make drupal perfect
I hope