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Status of Table Wizard and Migrate modules

By mikeryan - Posted on 06 March 2009

Just wanted to give an update on our newly-contributed modules, Table Wizard and Migrate. As I explained at our Drupalcon talk, we have just extracted the source-handling functionality of Migrate as a separate module (Table Wizard), and there's still quite a bit of cleanup to be done. I have just created a dev release for Table Wizard - that is, I think, fairly stable and basically usable as it is now, so those on the bleeding edge can give it a whirl. The migrate module's source handling has not yet been replaced by calls out to Table Wizard - I plan on finishing at least that much before packaging the first dev release.

We're looking for both modules to have official releases by the end of March. I've populated the issue queues with the most immediate things to address - of course, add to them as you will...