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Acquia's latest contribution - a surge for Drupal 7

By moshe weitzman - Posted on 24 September 2010

I'd like to thank Dries and the Acquia management team for their generous contribution today. Dries blogged that they have allocated one full time engineer (Katherine Senzee) to work on Drupal 7 critical issues. Phew. The volunteer fire department that has been slaving away on Drupal 7 criticals was getting exhausted. We really need this.

If we think back to the Drupal 6 release, Acquia contributed the same thing by paying Gabor to work on criticals until the release was ready. Apparently, this is what it takes now in order to get core Drupal out the door.

Acquia has shown a real talent over the past three years in aligning their business goals with those of Drupal. Off the top of my head, they also have:

  1. Organized Drupalcon Boston
  2. Hosted several code sprints in their offices (fields in core, load testing, D7 criticals, ...).
  3. Sponsored Drupalcons and Drupalcamps
  4. Hired UX professionals to improve Drupal 7
  5. Encouraged their engineers to spend one day a week on Drupal
  6. Introduced Drupal to new audiences by working with industry analysts and government agencies, launching hosted Drupal, and launching paid support service. These new audiences bring more volunteers, more money, and more expertise into the project.


P.S. In case anyone wonders, I have never worked for Acquia. This is just honest praise.

P.S.S Go #D7CX


Kudos as well!

Nice list, it would be great if DO would show companies contributions. The only thing currently available is "Companies worked for", which is still a user perspective. If companies spend time and money to help Drupal, they should get the recognitions.

p.s. I've never worked for any Drupal company

Yeah, that would help a ton ... We don't even recognize individuals very well. If we recognized indivuals, and just noted their organization, I think that would suffice.

I think its awesome, it shows true dedication to the progress of Drupal. Choosing Drupal 7 for Gardens was a big risk, that I think paid off certainly in terms of UX.

When we start making a list of contributors, who have spend considerable company time (many freelancers) I think we would never get done :) , but recognizing them is important too. A big thanks from me to them too.

It is a vital help. And Acquia almost seems to be a commercial arm of Drupal, particularly with Drupal gardens which already uses Drupal 7 features.

Anyway this is still a big gesture and great to see Acquia stepping in.